An Undeserved Accolade

November 17, 2013 § 15 Comments


I’ve been blogging for about eight weeks now. And now I have my first award!

An ex boyfriend had a t-shirt I rather liked. It said:

Join The Army

Travel The World

Meet Lots of Interesting People

And Kill Them

The middle lines are happening, and the first and last amuse in a perverse kind of way. I have ‘met’ some wonderful, kind, talented and inspiring people on the blog, and many of them, for however short a time, are now in my life. One of them is the Author Miranda Stone. Thank you for your support, Miranda, and for nominating me. Check out her amazing blog.

And now Ten Things About Me:

  • I prefer barefoot
  • I like the thought of cities
  • I like them even more when they’re behind me.
  • The older I get the more childlike I become.
  • I know nothing, and I shall know even less tomorrow.
  • The only obstacle to success is me. BTW – what is success?
  • Love is the only thing that matters. All the rest is someone else’s idea.
  • The very best place is in my bed…
  • …or a wild place where what we are doing to the planet is invisible.

I have done lots of ‘exciting’ things in my life that only the wealthy can afford; but now cycling in the rain feels pretty damn good.

And now The List. An incomplete list of just a few of the splendid bloggers who have inspired me every day:


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