Atheist Sam Harris changed my perception of him forever when he said this

March 3, 2014 § 2 Comments

A lovely reminder of what is…


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§ 2 Responses to Atheist Sam Harris changed my perception of him forever when he said this

  • Thanks for posting this, it is both positive and melancholic in equal measure; after all, what is it that we leave behind but second-hand memories in the dreams of others. One day perhaps happiness will touch us all. Mind you, if that happens where will the thought-provoking and stimulating art (in all its forms) come from? I’m sure that most of us would say that our ‘best’ work originates in our darker thoughts.
    I’ll send you a smile now to cheer you up!!!

  • Rachael Charmley says:

    Oh Chris, bless you! I got your smile – so it makes the one I already have on my face much brighter! I can be both positive and melancholic too like many (most) creative people, but I prefer not to notice and just go with the flow. Everything passes after all.
    I reblogged the post as I have a growing sense of beginning to understand what really matters about being alive – and the video was just right at expressing that. For me it was a wonderful reminder to aim for living in the present, and to be appreciative of the beauty and love that is all around…
    And yes, the best work either comes from those darker places, or, and I’ve noticed with painting particularly, it comes when there’s some sort of ‘direct line’ to the soul, the spirit, that inner place I don’t really have a name for. An example. I used to be a painter – trying to make a poor living – and I was in my studio one winter. There was no heating. For three hours I painted – without consciousness. At five o’clock I finished. It was dark outside. I was thirsty, hungry,bursting for the loo, and my fingers were blue. I remember nothing of the painting process – no thinking, no decision making – it all just bypassed my brain. It’s my best painting ever, and I love it.
    They, for me are the times when the best work is done. I think perhaps you understand?

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