March 22, 2014 § 16 Comments


Old woman limps home

Nothing left to believe in –

The cat waits

Eyes bright



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§ 16 Responses to Twilight

  • JessicaHof says:

    I am really enjoying these haiku. This one is very evocative – lets you feel the isolation and even loneliness of the old lady’s state – there’s an air of great sadness here.

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      Lovely to hear they’re giving you pleasure, Jess. Although there is great sadness – and the point of a haiku poem (sorry if you know this) is to provide some some of juxtaposition that makes the reader think – is that the cat (her puss?) is looking forward to seeing the old woman in a quietly energetic and optimistic way. At least that was the idea… đŸ™‚
      Thanks again, my dear friend.

  • That’s a chilling one I think, You’ve a gift for this form, dear lady. As for getting bored, not this old curmudgeon.

  • […] Rachael, at Changing skin and other stories, has a touching haiku today called ‘Twilight’ about an old woman with ‘nothing left to believe in’. It is unclear whether that is in fact the case, whether she feels it is, or whether she does not see that she has her cat waiting for her; that seems so true to life. Sometimes it is only when we have nothing that we can reach that place we need to be where repentance can come. As St Isaac says: […]

  • Miranda Stone says:

    Such a moving poem, Rachael. And what an accomplishment to evoke such emotion in your reader using so few words! Again, you do a fantastic job with contrast–the old woman’s hopelessness versus the eagerness her cat feels while waiting for her. Excellently done.

  • I like the contrast here, Rachael – and another reference to the cyclic nature of life. Wonderful things, cats, they can (when they’re not destroying the house) really reaffirm life.

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