April 7, 2014 § 6 Comments


broad wings grasp thin air

rising above the river –

one feather remains


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§ 6 Responses to parting

  • Very Zen. I like the idea of letting the ‘right path’ lead you, rather than struggling to achieve. One of my favourite quotes is: ‘He who speaks, does not know. He who knows, need not speak.’
    Take care, Chris.

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      Yes, Chris. Thanks for the lovely quote. For me it’s about trusting enough to take the path that has been presented – and to know the path is there, just for the taking, and that our ‘broad wings’ will be strong enough to allow us to travel. The last line could be about leaving a part of ourselves behind that we either no longer need; or to hold – with the lightest touch – a memory – either in ourselves, or in another’s heart , who remains. But then again… 🙂

      • Interesting how we have come to this from different perspectives, Rachael. When I read this poem my initial reaction was that the ‘broad wings’ represented a struggle against the ‘right path’ in order to achieve material or social gain. Consequently this unnatural effort resulted in the ‘soul’ being lost to the ether.
        The ‘river’, to me, represented the ‘right path’ and so could only by followed by the single feather which offered no resistance. That said, I can fully appreciate your reading – and after all, you did write it!!

        • Rachael Charmley says:

          Our different interpretation reminds me how wonderful language is!
          What we make of these artfully (!) arranged words is determined by dozens of factors – and that’s what I so love about this game. The ‘broad wings’ for me, represented transcendence and capability and inner strength; whereas the river was a necessary part of the route along the journey.
          For me, the possibilities of different interpretations, make these words really come alive.
          Lovely to hear your thoughts, Chris.

  • Miranda Stone says:

    And you are still on a roll with the haiku form, Rachael! I agree with Chris about this one also having a very Zen feel. I also enjoyed reading his comments, and your responses regarding the various interpretations of the poem. I don’t have any profound thoughts, unfortunately. I’m too busy basking in the lovely language you have chosen.

  • Rachael Charmley says:

    Thank you, dear friend. Simply enjoying the words is lovely, and a great compliment. x

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