May 20, 2014 § 10 Comments



drunk on fallen fruit

the wasp buzzes happily –

into the dog’s mouth



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§ 10 Responses to whoops

  • Poor dog 😦

    Lovely images as ever 🙂
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  • pi314chron says:

    HAHAHAHA! Yeah, but I wonder if the dog is happy about it?

  • There’s an expression we have in these parts for someone in a miserable mood – a face like ‘a bulldog chewing a wasp’. Don’t know how this translates to your neck of the woods, but the thought came to mind!

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      Hahahaha! I’ve clearly bitten off more than I can chew here…
      Bulldogs aside, the loose plan was that the dog would, in the way that dogs do, swallow the snack immediately without investigating. The wasp would have been so shocked to have been swallowed that it forgot to sting and everything turned out swimmingly. Howzat?

  • Miranda Stone says:

    Oh goodness, you couldn’t have found a better photo to accompany this poem! And why is it that dogs feel they have to try to make flying insects a snack? Ah, well, at least the wasp was in a state of bliss beforehand. Well done, Rachael!

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      Thank you, Miranda. I was lucky with that photo! Happy wasp, happy dog? 🙂
      I’ve written a haiku about a meteor. Shall be interested in what you think, given your amazing knowledge about astronomy.

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