August 28, 2014 § 10 Comments


the old piano:

 out of tune

 with loneliness


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§ 10 Responses to neglect

  • F.G.M. says:

    Ah! I absolutely love this poem Rachael. Eight words, and not one more… I had a piano my mother had bought before retiring, she wanted to learn piano. Helas, she died, and the piano kept silent… in other and most beautiful words, your haiku… great work, as always! Have a tuneful day 🙂 (I recently have discovered this word, “tuneful”, and I love it!)

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      Ah, lovely to have your inspiring words, Frederic. An unplayed piano, in fact any musical instrument, is a sad, sad thing. Do you now have the piano and do you make music with it? Making and listening to music is vital – probably to us all – it lifts the soul and lifts us to an elevated place.
      And so pleased about the new word. I love it too 🙂

  • F.G.M. says:

    No, I don’t have the piano anymore, because I sold it some years ago… don’t play piano unfortunately (I only play words and… plants :-)) – but I really admire people who are able to… here is a video that fascinates me, I love the melody and the pianist’s hands 🙂 “caressing” the piano (or dancing on it, I don’t know how to describe!) oh, I just find that magical…
    Do you play piano?

    ah! tuneful beauty 🙂

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      It’s a lovely piece. Thank you for sharing. Yes I play – have been doing so since I was five – a long time ago. Playing is like a caress, a stroking, a glide – a very sensual experience. I play other instruments too, but my new love affair is with the viol da gamba, a Baroque instrument that went out of fashion. It has the sound of a human voice, and is sublime. You can find recitals on Youtube, but I don’t know how to post links because of the Luddite tendency:-)
      Thank you again for that beautiful piece.

      • F.G.M. says:

        “the viol da gamba…”
        Rachael: you’ve given me one idea more!!! writing about musical instruments…
        “…the sound of a human voice”, I’m gooing to find recitals on Youtube! Thank you 🙂

        • Rachael Charmley says:

          Hope you enjoy what you find. Jordi Savall is generally acknowledged as the maestro of the gamba. There is a lot of his work up there. 🙂

  • Miranda Stone says:

    Such a poignant haiku, Rachael. I love the way you personify the piano here.

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      It may sound strange, but I became aware when I was writing this I have given a ‘character’ to every instrument I got to know well. I think it’s because the musician can express how they feel through the playing… 🙂

  • kismet says:

    Beautiful metaphor ❤

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