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to create:





in your well tended garden


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  • SirenaTales says:

    First, my heart leapt at the sight of the intensely green seedling. Yahoo! Spring, life, VERDURE! Ahhhhh….And then the allowing the weed seeds to grow in my well-tended garden. Were you writing this to me, my dear?! Either way–just the wisdom I needed to hear. Thank you for the inspiring reminder. Creating is messy….xox

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      I wrote it for you and me, and a whole load of folks out there who might know what I’m talking about. I’ve spent years keeping everything nice and tidy so there’s room to create – and still I don’t learn. Let’s say it’s time!

      I was moved as were others by your last post – loving the way these parallel thoughts ping across the ether. I’d forgotten that the end of January and February are the worst in terms of keeping creative and (at least for me) physical momentum. Yesterday I didn’t step outside the house! But today I see plants are beginning to peep out of the soil. xxx

      • SirenaTales says:

        Thanks for your timely reply. As I’d ventured out for a short walk this morning in the bitter cold, I had figured I would stay in for the afternoon. Then the sun came out and I decided another foray was probably a good idea–a notion that you reply solidified. I am just back inside: My hands are nearly numb, but my soul has seen the sun :). (whoa! an inadvertent rhyme !) Thanks for the inspiration….and camaraderie. xox

  • That’s a no brainer for here 🙂 …. I have trouble working out what is a weed and what is a plant? Actually there is no difference, is there? Just a conditioned preference. Sometime I feel the weeds look prettier so of course I just leave them there to play. Mx

  • I love the creative aspect of this poem, but it also reminds me of a quote from Orson Scott Card’s Speaker for the Dead:
    “Even the monastery garden made a rebellious statement–everything that wasn’t a vegetable garden was abandoned to weeds and unmowed grass.”

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