April 15, 2015 § 5 Comments


lunar eclipse

pigeons snooze ’til lunch –

pesky old cockerel



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§ 5 Responses to eclipse

  • mikesteeden says:

    You have don the much maligned pigeon proud…I rather like them!

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      I had to officially approve your comment before I could respond. Bit weird… 🙂 Anyway, can’t totally agree on the pigeon/cockerel fan club issue. In another life I used to have a cockerel called Gungadin, who wandered about free range with millions of his wives. He behaved like a gentleman to anything with feathers, but he used to lie in wait for me outside the kitchen door most mornings. He liked to chase me, so I used to throw bricks at him. The bricks were on hand, you understand, as we were doing the place up. He was a vicious sod so I gave him to the man at the village shop who had a vile temper and didn’t stand any nonsense…The main problem with pigeons in my neck of the woods is their sloppy toilet habits. That, and a rather stupid game they like playing which involves shoving one another down the chimneys and getting stuck…

      • mikesteeden says:

        I agree both pigeons and my treasured seagulls can get on one’s nerves yet I do have a soft spot for them. The first office I was allotted many years ago was directly above Piccadilly Circus underground station. It had a balcony overlooking Eros yet I could never get the doors open because of pigeon poo! The summer of ’76 was, I recall a rather smelly greenhouse in my office!

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