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Dear friends, the blog is slowing. My output of haiku once prolific and unstoppable, is at least for now, dwindling. Hundreds of haiku have spewed out of my head this year. Some were just about fit for an audience, others should never have seen the light of day. Hidden amongst them all, was the odd accidental gem.

To create, at least for me, is like an insurance that enables me to stay as healthy as I can, both physically and mentally, but the medium in which I choose to do this changes over time. There is, as many of you will know, a cycle. For a long time I needed to express via what was not said – those ‘spaces in between’ – and haiku, with its talent for inference is ideal as a way of saying as little as possible yet capturing the possibilities, perhaps even the essence of, a whole world, a whole life, or a simple moment in time in a tiny handful of words.

For some time now I’ve noticed a need to return to the short story, and perhaps also write some longer poetry, so I suppose what I’m saying is that the blog is going to change. But the haiku, I know, will keep coming, just less regularly! But there is another change. I need to connect with colour again in the way a painter does, and I want to use my hands not my head. Yesterday my longed for floor loom arrived from Japan. A strange yet elegant creature, it makes comforting clacketty sounds. I look forward to getting to know its ancient ways. Rather like the rather uncertain rhythm of the haiku perhaps. ❤


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  • I shall await your ‘new’ work with enthusiasm – you have a talent for expressing your thoughts in a variety of formats, Rachael. Happy writing!

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      Thanks, Chris. The prospect of staring into space for a while instead and doing absolutely no-thing (teehee) is rather compelling!

  • I look forward to what looms on the horizon.

  • Our floor loom sits, waiting for us to warp and weave. Enjoy!

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      People are put off by the warping, Michael. I stayed up very late last night and got in an awful mess. This morning I have a headache but I’m very happy as the warps on and it works 🙂 Go for it and we can exchange notes and images….

  • Best thing to do with this blogging lark is do what you feel – once it becomes a burden it’s no pleasure – so why do it? Those of us who follow you enjoy your company, writing and ideas, and we’re here as you post for what you want to post, when you want to do it 🙂 GRRS

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      Bless you, Geoffrey. I hear you find yourself back in the blogging saddle from time to time. Your posts are much appreciated I am told 🙂 As you take care of others, remember to take care of yourself. I have a romantic image of you striding over the beautiful dales with dog and cane to the nearest hostelry. Don’t disillusion me please 🙂

      • No need, that’s an apt reflection of reality 🙂 Aye, I’m back from time to time as Mrs S is a bit better. Don’t you go worrying about your blog here – lots of us appreciate it 🙂

  • You’re simply evolving, and the caterpillar doesn’t mourn when it becomes a butterfly, it simply takes flight, as you are doing.

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      Eloquent as usual kinginascendent. But that pupae time in between is often the hardest to handle 🙂

  • mark says:

    Hi, now and again I search through the posts with a haiku tag, and usually very quickly because I know what I’m looking for, after about 30 haikus yours leapt from the screen and I knew that I had found the gem that I always hope will crop up on these quick searches. Your haiku on this post is excellent and I’ve just been reading through some of your others and they are also equally as excellent. I can see that you have absorbed many elements from the “Great Four” as people like to call them, and I also see other elements from others, possibly Richard Wright.
    Also at first when I read your whole post my initial thoughts were “well isn’t that typical… they quit the same day that I find them.”, but for some reason it kind of makes sense, cycles and all.
    Haiku is so amazing in so many ways and whatever I think I know about it I know that I know nothing because in five years I’ll have moved on so much more. It took me over 15 years to stop writing 17 syllable poems about one of the seasons, but hey, it’s little baby steps at first.
    Thanks for posting this on the only day in the past 5 months or so where I’ve done a wordpress haiku search, it means I’ll be back to read the rest of them.
    I used to have a blog with haiku and stuff on but I had to put it to sleep of sorts, (technically I killed it, but because it was just a blog and not really alive then I can be forgiven)… anyway that’s gone, so I’ll just leave one haiku here for you. If live another 35 years hopefully I’ll be as lucky as I was when I wrote this, it’s better than winning the lottery.

    eclipsed –
    by a bat

    Thanks again and best of luck with your short story writing, I’m certain you have chosen the right path,


    • Rachael Charmley says:

      Hi Mark
      Good to hear that I somehow made your day a bit brighter. Love it when that thing misnamed coincidence happens…It seems to happen all the time if one is open to that experience. I think the need to express myself via haiku has simply lessened, and I’ve stopped learning from them. Not finished though – will need to go back. Thanks for the follow. I like your taste in blues, so I have followed you back!

      PS. Your jupiter/bat haiku is a gem.

  • Weave away! Whatever you create I’m sure you’ll never lose the thread.

  • NEO says:

    Ah, dear friend, as you are for so many reasons, said, and unsaid, your haiku have woven their spell, but I was enchanted with the weaving of stories you did when you wrote longer and in prose as well. but Geoffrey is right, when it becomes a burden, it’s time to change (or take a break).

    But we will be here, awaiting whatever form you appear in because it will be lovely, as always.

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      You say the nicest things from across the water… Thank you for sharing your kind and generous spirit. xxx

      • NEO says:

        Well, Ma’am, I just call them as I see them, so if I say nice things, it must be a nice subject. It has struck me how often out paths have paralleled each other though. Especially yours in Wales and mine in Indiana. Rather remarkable, I think.

  • SirenaTales says:

    My dear Rachael, We are, again, in a similar space: transition, evolution, risking the unfamiliar and unknown. Eep! writing all of that makes me both terrified and exhilarated. Thank you so much for all of the honesty and inspiration that you share and that you are. Here’s to fresh ideas and new adventures! Avanti! With much admiration and love…..

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      My dear Chloe. Shivers ran down my spine as I began to read your words. So much has changed these last few days – it is as if shifts have been trying to happen for weeks, and finally I have allowed it. One thing changes, then another and another – like a spiral with energy all of its own. The energy is feeding on itself – all I have to do is to let it be and watch… Does this make any sense for you?

      Thank you too for being there at just the right time when I needed your insight and inspiration, often to show me just one word within a sentence that embodied something I needed to look at that I had been avoiding for so long …

      Apologies for the muddledness of this. I hope it makes some sense – and that you are doing okay this week 🙂 xxx

  • SirenaTales says:

    p.s. COLOR! YES!! Add color!

  • Wow, I wish you luck and great joy with your new creative endeavours. You describe the need to do something new with great eloquence (as always). I for one have looked forward, with great anticipation, to seeing new stories from you and can’t wait to read some new fiction from your talented pen. I will also remain a big fan of your haiku… X

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      Thanks, John for being such a kind sweetheart. I have no idea where this will lead – all I know is I just jumped over the edge! xx

  • Always go the direction your energies take you — they know what they’re doing. 🙂

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