twenty four hours

November 4, 2015 § 7 Comments


its last day –

tomorrow the power station chimney



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§ 7 Responses to twenty four hours

  • This lends itself a certain amount of sympathy, Rachael: like a moment in history lost forever. I like it!

    • Rachael Charmley says:

      Thanks, Chris. A little more work needed on the semantics perhaps… 😉

      • I think that the sentiment is all there, Rachael, which, after all, is surely the point.

        • Rachael Charmley says:

          🙂 I suppose so, Chris. I was looking at some of Ted Hughes’ workbooks and found it interesting how much reworking he did before he was ‘happy’ with the piece. I rarely do that. Which camp do you belong to?

          • I generally edit whilst I write, then make the odd change when I type. I think that one tends to ‘feel’ when a piece is right, and also, on occasions when I have reworked poems, I have found that they often lose what was intended. So, in short, I’m with you here.
            All the best. Chris

  • SirenaTales says:

    Eerily portentous, and then boom! Between the image and your crafty words, I felt detached at first and then a strong visceral reaction to the explosion. Impressive, as always, how you deftly evoke so much in so little space. Xxo, Your Admirer on the Marsh

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