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Changing Skin and other stories

A piece originally published in 2014. Completely forgotten about until a fellow blogger, Hanne T. Fisker found it while rummaging about on here. Check out her website where she exhibits some of her powerful and ethereal photographs. Thanks Hanne ! x

This is a fanciful haiku, as in reality what I am about to describe probably wouldn’t happen. No matter you say – it’s one of those Japanese poems after all where you can write whatever you fancy. And of course you’d be right; but the desire to communicate, using something other than the time honoured 5-7-5 syllable arrangement of the form, has propelled me to ramble on a bit about stuff you probably couldn’t care less about.

It’s about the nature of sheep, of which I know more than a little. Apart from their two defining characteristics, which are to escape when you’re all dressed up for a night…

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