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i begin again

that first moment



drawing courtesy sarah western


the flood subsides

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the flood subsides –

crazy glow worms wriggling

in the moonlight


image courtesy


flash of lightning

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flash of lightning

on the edge of darkness

a baby cries


the loom waits

November 8, 2017 § 4 Comments


the loom waits

for her slender fingers

light fading


the same person

November 6, 2017 § 14 Comments


In the beginning she wasn’t gone long

like she’d been for a quick walk

forgotten her keys

off she goes

drifting away

just a minute or two

when she came back she’d shake herself like a dog

  setting her mouth in a thin, straight line

wondering where she’d been

like a little girl again

for a while.

The memory


building bricks of remembering


cracking from the seeping permafrost

the scan like daubings of a child or an

abstract painting –

it doesn’t matter

she grows sweeter…

as that grey space grows

her light darkens.

The dog dies.

The dog dies.

The dog dies.

She waits

a book open on her lap

the wrong glasses

the TV with the colours turned up too bright

her eyes not following the rugby players

she hears the cheers

there’s a new dog now

with the same name as the old one



image courtesy istock photo site

first frost

November 5, 2017 § 2 Comments



first frost

even those noisy doves

stay in bed


image courtesy laura aubill

the crow sits

November 4, 2017 § 10 Comments


the crow sits

breathing in the silence

the mist curls


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