before the dark

November 29, 2020 § 4 Comments

a single moment

the pale sun sinks –

that still point


deja vu

November 9, 2020 § 14 Comments

breeze curling over the hill

leaves shiver

another memory slips away



August 9, 2020 § 4 Comments


The axe head has been here

four thousand years



exposed in the pile of spoil

when we dug

foundations for the rose garden


i picked it and said, ‘now you belong to me’ thinking

should I keep it on my desk as a paperweight

or on the mantelpiece over the bressumer with the witch’s bottle?


i called the archaeologist

‘they’re quite common,’ he said

so i put it on the wall under the half grown medlar and forgot


the roses tangled over it

and the ghosts who live in this old house whispered

but i will not tell you what they said






July 18, 2020 § 7 Comments


i paint again

looking for the bigger picture



one hand weaves

July 17, 2020 § 7 Comments


the shuttle slides

back and forth

back and forth my meditation



the making of a long silk shawl or scarf or wall hanging…


June 15, 2020 § 5 Comments


mask off

a sweeter meadow

vision sharpens


reading haiku

May 25, 2020 § 3 Comments


reading haiku

ginkgo leaves fall from the page

before tears


Lopham Fen

October 26, 2019 § 6 Comments


reeds rustle –

the horse will bolt

where the river is born




October 24, 2019 § 9 Comments




 brown heifer eyes

deep as the flooded mill pond

make me breathe slow


not a trace

July 14, 2019 § 7 Comments


thinning summer clouds

always the same wild flowers grow here

yet not a trace of him


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