haiku twelve

January 17, 2022 § 2 Comments

light sea breeze

bends the horned poppies –

there goes that twinge of sciatica…


haiku eleven

January 15, 2022 § 4 Comments

watching long dead stars 

my back straighter -

snow falls


haiku ten

January 8, 2022 § 4 Comments

still air before a storm

the pigeon waits in the bare oak

nothing more.

haiku nine

January 3, 2022 § 4 Comments

last white rose

nods beneath winter sleet –

flit of a wren’s tail


haiku eight

January 1, 2022 § 8 Comments

red dawn

mist slips down the hill –

owl’s claw tightens


haiku seven

December 11, 2021 § 6 Comments

low winter sun
slips through darkening cloud
and follows me home

haiku six

December 7, 2021 § 4 Comments

sitting in half lotus
there goes that itch

haiku five

December 5, 2021 § 12 Comments

in the icy stream
the hungry heron
pecks its own shadow

haiku four

November 15, 2021 § 7 Comments

a rustle

two squeaks


haiku three

November 10, 2021 § 2 Comments

wanting him
a dark shadow falls from a book
of his poems

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